Player Rights and Responsibilities

Player Rights

Once an offer for a roster spot is made and a player accepts, the NSC Program guarantees certain player rights. Players have a right to:

  • Instruction from licensed coaches
  • Have all supervision provided by adults cleared through the Washington State Risk Management program
  • Be treated with respect in an environment conducive to learning and growing soccer skills
  • Playing time equivalent to 40% over the course of the season for those players who participate in at least 80% of all team events

Player Responsibilities

Parents/players must also agree to have certain responsibilities to the program, coaches and team. Those responsibilities include:

  • To refrain from derisive and/or derogatory comments about teams, teammates or coaching staff for any NSC team.
  • To not be disruptive during team instruction/play
  • To treat teammates and coaching staff with respect
  • To be supportive and encouraging of teammates
  • To learn the rules of the game and treat all volunteers and league officials with courtesy
  • To refrain from any kind of unsportsmanlike conduct with any official, coach, player, or parent such as booing and taunting; refusing to shake hands; or using profane language or gestures
  • To uphold the spirit and laws of the game
  • To not bring loss of honor, reputation or respect to the program through their actions or words
  • To not blame, criticize or cause intentional harm to teammates
  • To keep academics as a priority and ensure grades will not suffer for the sake of personal soccer goals
  • To be available and to participate in at least 80% of all team events
  • To inform their coach and their parents of any injury, and to follow treatment guidelines as prescribed by medical professionals while maintaining a presence at team events during recovery

Acceptance of a roster spot constitutes acceptance of these Rights and Responsibilities. Failure to uphold these responsibilities may result in suspension from the program or team or affect program eligibility in a subsequent year.

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