Welcome to Northshore Select

The Northshore Select Club (NSC) is the select soccer club for the Northshore Youth Soccer Association. We are a middle ground between premier and recreational soccer, providing a cost-effective alternative for the soccer experience that balances the commitment of time and money with an opportunity to learn the skills necessary to play competitive soccer. We offer programs for boys and girls ages U10-U19.  Traditionally, we offered a 6 month program generally starting in June of each year and lasting until early to mid-December.  Girls teams, aged U15-U18, may play summer tournaments and then take a break for the scholastic season (September to October) and then play a regular season from mid-December to late March. 

During the 2017-2018 season, NSC began to offer an optional Spring program for boys and girls U-10 to U-14 (+boys U15) which can extend the Select program by 2 months. Spring season is a six game developmental league and is purely optional. Declining to do this season has no bearing on future team selections in the next regular season.


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